Joaquín Zamora Soler


Joaquín Zamora Soler

Founding Partner

A founding partner at La Competencia. He is the Executive Producer and Director of many of the entertainment programs that we’ve seen in recent years. His resume includes Médico de familia, El club de la comedia, Supervivientes, La selva de los famosos, Saturday Night Live and many more. At La Competencia, he served as Executive Producer of Palabra de Gitano, Granjero busca esposa (adaptation of Farmer Wants a Wife) and Padres Lejanos (adaptation of Fractured Families, among others. His insatiable curiosity and powerful spirit of teamwork reveal a true passion for this industry.


From left to right: Jacobo Eireos, Joaquín Zamora, Juanma López, Xevi Aranda.