Íñigo Pérez Tabernero


Íñigo Pérez Tabernero

Founding Partner

A founding partner at La Competencia. Íñigo has worked as Head of Production in the entertainment division of FremantleMedia Spain and Head of Operations and Production Director in Mediapro. As a producer he has worked on programs including Callejeros, Vidas Anónimas and Password. Additionally, he has an ample experience as Head of Operations unfolded in the spheres of sports broadcasting and other newsworthy events. Íñigo is our cool-headed strategist who stays calm and imposes order in the face of chaos.


From left to right: Cristina Jover, Íñigo Pérez Tabernero, Alberto Arias, Nuria Barranco, Sara Montoliú, Jorge de La Lastra, Virginia Zambrano, Vanesa Aparicio.