As our enthusiasm grows, so do we

We may live and breather television, but we are so much more than that. In just five years, we have become leaders in Spanish production and a benchmark in international, creating successful formats that have travelled the world, in different languages and all sorts of accents. We have grown as our enthusiasm has grown and diversified our creation in 7 lines of business - entertainment, fiction, news, documentary, international, film and music – to create an innovative, committed and individual label.


Four lives behind TV.

Aware that a good idea is only the beginning, in 2011: four partners, four professionals, four friends came together: Joaquin Zamora, Javier Pérez de Silva, Íñigo Pérez Tabernero and César Blanco Rodriguez. With four different ways of making television and experience working on programmes like Supervivientes, Saturday Night Life, Granjero busca esposa, Callejeros and Password. After running several production companies… having written books on television… having created fictions like Con el culo al aire and Doctor Mateo… and having represented Fremantle - Media in Spain… we decided to blend all these experiences together and make the TV we want to watch: authentic, bold, quality television.

Our goal is to show you sides of TV that you did not know existed; making you laugh, cry, feel emotion is what drives us. Because we love TV, and we have been doing it for four lifetimes.


We create formats 2.0 s

Challenges inspire us and we are passionate about researching and devising innovative projects. Which is why we are continually renewing all aspects of what we do. With ‘Palabra de Gitano’, we brought the observational documentary to Spain and were the first producers in the world to access the age-old, secret rites of this community. With ‘Los González’, we pushed the boundaries between genres to their limits, to create a fun and explosive combination of fact and fiction. And other times, with ‘España a ras de cielo’ for example, we used our production ingenuity to find visual and creative solutions in order to show our country from an angle never seen before. Because we know that the TV of tomorrow starts today.


Our creativity has a passport.

We produce in Spain, but we move in global television and create for the global market. Our concepts have been sold in more than 20 territories and travel the world in different languages and with different accents. What started out yesterday as formats, are programmes the length and breadth of the world today. La Competencia productions can be seen on the screens of Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Viet Nam, Peru, Russia, Portugal, China, United States and France... We are almost outgrowing TV, and starting to feel its limitations. We know that producing content that travels round the world is the future of television. And, for this reason, we make content for everyone.


That loves what it does: integrated, creative and hungry for a challenge

We have sought out the very best television professionals to create a team that is capable of making La Competencia’s hallmark a reality.
We are divided into five major areas with permeable borders: International, Entertainment Development, Fiction Development, Production and Finance.
Each partner leads a division and a dynamic and flexible team, capable of easily adapting to different needs and production environments.
We look for challenges in television because we are people that thrive on them.

Our work

Creating formats for tomorrow,
and embracing new media and technologies

We are eternally curious...

And our antidote is creativity

As a production company, we are daring, innovative, and all-rounders. We are constantly evolving, expanding and extending our seven major lines of business: entertainment, fiction, film, factual, news, international and music

Our central pillar, present in everything we do, is creativity. And this has become our trademark. We work with every group in Spain, and we have quickly positioned ourselves at the forefront of the national and international scene, with some of our formats having been produced or in production, in countries as diverse as the United States, Peru, Russia and China.

Year after year, our formats are selected as leading ideas at conferences like "Fresh" at MIP and we have attracted the attention of the specialized world media that have mapped the international success of our entertainment and fiction formats, and our alliance with Televisa. We love what we do. But what really excites us is what is yet to come. We are curious... really curious.

Global joint

From Spain and Mexico, creativity for the world

At the beginning of 2013, La Competencia and Televisa signed what has become an exciting joint venture, a shared adventure. Together, we create and sell content in Spain and Mexico for the whole world. There is no genre we cannot tackle: we produce both entertainment and fiction, and do it with a global ambition.

Our partnership with Televisa International, the Spanish communications giant, enables our formats to travel all over the world: Spain, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Poland, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Peru...

And this is only the beginning of the adventure.


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